Packing Guide: Seattle

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As a former Seattle native, I am super excited to share my packing guide to the Seattle area! I created this packing guide with the Seattle spring, fall, and mild winter weather in mind. In the summer, you can exchange the coats for a light sweater and a sheer cardigan. Summer is great time to toss a dress into the mix as well. If you're visiting in the dead of winter, be sure to have a good pair of boots, gloves and a cute beanie. When visiting somewhere like Seattle, you want to make sure to have layering options as it can be raining one minute and sunny the next. It is always best to be prepared with an extra layer!

Below, I have listed twelve essential items to pack if you're heading to Seattle, or pretty much anywhere in the Pacific Northwest. This packing guide just covers the basics so be sure to add your own bit of flair to the mix with accessories and a statement piece or two! 

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01. flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is a must have when traveling to Seattle! It is a warm option to wear on its own, but also makes a great layering piece. Wear it over your tees on chilly days, tuck it in or leave it out, any way it looks great - plus you'll blend in with the locals *wink*

02. classic long sleeve tee

This is another great layering piece to bring along. It can be worn alone or under any of the other options listed here. Good basics are the key to light packing and this one is a must have! Swap this out for a layering tee or tank in the summer months.

03. casual tee

A casual tee is an easy option that can be layered under a flannel or nonchalantly tucked into jeans. It can also double as a sleep shirt if you're trying to pack lightly.

04. cozy sweater

A cozy, neutral sweater can be paired with any pant or even a skirt. It is the perfect versatile piece that will keep you warm. Plus, super comfy chunky sweaters are definitely having their moment right now.

05. rain coat

A good rain coat is a must in the Seattle area! It can get windy and rains fairly often so be sure to have a good rain jacket. Locals always have a lightweight one like this on hand.

Tip: Don't bother with an umbrella, you'll look like a tourist and it won't do you any good in the wind.

06. warm coat

A warm coat is essential for early mornings, late nights, and times when you just want to stay cozy. If you'll be visiting anytime between October and February, a warm coat is a must if you plan on being outside. It has been known to snow as late as March or even early April in Washington, so it is always best to be prepared!

07. comfy jeans

A good pair of everyday jeans will be your best friend. I practically live in mine, wearing them at the airport, wandering around the city, stuffing myself at brunch, you name it. You simply cannot go wrong with a classic pair of jeans. 

08. black skinnies

Black skinnies (denim or otherwise) are a classic that go with everything. Like your comfy jeans, they will be a staple among your travel wardrobe. When I lived in Seattle, black skinny jeans were my go-to bottoms. They can be dressed up or down and hide stains well, which is great when you're traveling! Read my post on keeping your black jeans from fading here.

09. neutral scarf

A neutral scarf will help you stay warm and will pair easily with everything you pack. Enough said.

10. rain boots

Rain boots will keep your feet dry when you're walking around the city or trekking through the forest. Hunters are a good option because they are well-made, practical and stylish. They come in tall and short as well as a bunch of different colors, and they even have a shiny or matte option. 

11. cute sneakers

A pair of quality, stylish sneakers are essential when traveling. Not only are they both practical and cute, but they won't take up much space in your luggage.

Seattle is a walk-heavy destination. If you'll be doing anything like visiting the SAM or heading to Pike Place, sneakers will be your best friend. I always recommend these because they are fashionable and super comfortable!

12. booties

If you have room for another pair of shoes, make it a good pair of ankle boots. You'll be able to stay dry and look good at the same time! I recommend ones like these.


And there you have it! A simple packing guide to the Pacific Northwest that focuses on the essentials. This should help to keep you from overpacking while allowing you to be stylish and practical at the same time.

Are you heading to Seattle soon? I'd love to hear your plans, share in the comments below!

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