7 Simple Ways to Refresh for the New Year

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The new year brings about a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts. Now is a great time to go with that energy and refresh your mind, body, and home for the new year. Read on for seven simple ways you can cleanse your life for the year ahead.

** This post was originally published last year and has since been updated. 12/05/18 **

01. Choose your guiding word for the year

I recently wrote a post on how toxic new year's resolutions can be and why you should choose a guiding word instead. I even offer up some tips on how to choose your word and some examples to get the ball rolling. My guiding word for this year is intention. Read about how and why to choose a word here.

02. Cleanse your tech

Unfollow people on social media who you don't enjoy having around or don't engage with much. Go through your emails and documents on your computer as well. Clear out or archive any files you don't need or want anymore and run a system update on your computers and phone while you're at it. Things will be running smoother and looking cleaner in no time, so refreshing!

03. update your space

Go through your house and look for things that need an update as well. If you're over the rug in the living room, figure out how to make it work in a different room or get a new one. Switch around your throw pillows, paint the walls, swap out art, and gather up the last bits of your holiday decor. 

04. declutter

Toss or donate old items that you no longer use or that don't work anymore. I like to start with my desk and work my way through the house, pulling items out of the drawers and eliminating duplicates or worn out pieces. Use this time to do a quick inventory of your closet as well. Is there anything in there you haven't worn all year or no longer fits? Donate 'em! What about items that need to be refreshed? Turn them into cleaning rags, use them for a project, or toss 'em! Check out this post for a tip on reviving your jeans. 

05. do a deep clean

Don't wait until spring do to a deep clean! Start the new year feeling fresh and pay some attention to areas you don't clean as often, like the top of your refrigerator or your baseboards. This doesn't have to be a huge endeavor unless you want it to be. I would just focus on the areas that need it most for a quick boost! Dust your blinds and ceiling fans, give the windows a good wash, a thorough vacuum and mop of the floors, and run a clean cycle on the oven, dishwasher, and washing machine. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. You might as well clean out the car while you're at it!

06. pamper yourself

Go ahead and give yourself a mini spa day! You deserve to reset your mind and body, so hop in the tub and relax for a while. When I treat myself to a day of pampering, I usually like to start with an exfoliating bubble bath and then give myself a manicure, shape my brows, and deep condition my hair. I always feel so fresh and confident after!

07. reflEct

Reflecting on the past is a great way to learn more about ourselves and what better time than the new year? Print out your favorite photos from the year, journal about your most memorable experiences, or just meditate on the past twelve months. Think about your best and worst moments and how you can use them to grow this year. If you want to take it a step further, create a vision board for the new year that inspires you or chat with your therapist about your reflections.

How will you be cleansing and refreshing this month? I'd love to hear your plans in the comments below!

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