10 Best Places to Eat in LA


01. Dinette

Dinette is an outdoor hot spot for brunch and it is clear why people love it so much. The food is incredible and served in a no-fuss kind of way, which makes it SO enjoyable! Dishes to try: avocado toast with a poached egg, waffles with bacon, and breakfast pizza.

02. The Butcher's Daughter

Another trendy brunch spot to check out while you're in LA, The Butcher's Daughter has creamy avo toast, decadent pancakes, and a variety of vibrant juices to choose from. With a cool, California vibe, you'll want to spend hours here!

03. Lemonade

If you have ever felt the need to eat a macaron as big as your face, Lemonade is for you! With a seasonal menu, fresh ingredients, and cold pressed lemonade, you'll be sure to have an awesome snack or lunch here. They have everything from short ribs to poke bowls, and even vegan brownies, so come with an appetite!

04. Gjusta

While Gjusta has some amazing pastries and breads, they also have some beautiful and delicious options for a full meal. They offer sandwiches, soups, fish, and breakfast options like baked eggs and even a veggie madame!

05. sqirl

Sqirl may have a funny name, but they are serious about their food! Comfort food like long-cooked chicken and rice porridge share the menu with more lively options such as the nettle green goddess salad (comes with blistered grapes!). They even have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. It can get pretty busy so be prepared to wait a bit if you want to take advantage of this spot. 


06. komodo

The kimchi nachos at Komodo have been voted some of LA's best! They are a must try, as are any of their 12 varieties of beautiful tacos. Komodo is also the proud home of the original "phorrito" (pictured). Plus, their slogan is just great, "every day is taco Tuesday at Komodo!"

07. Nguyen's Kitchen

With everything from rice bowls to noodles and burgers, Nguyen's Kitchen offers Vietnamese comfort food for all. Grab some friends and much the afternoon away with some cajun garlic fries, a bulgogi short rib steak sandwich and, to wash it all down, a Vietnamese iced coffee. YUM!

08. Te'kila

The atmosphere of this gem is evident when you see the marquee outside broadcasting various taco and tequila jokes. The food is a pretty classic take on Mexican but stands out with its decadence and upscale flair. Te'kila has wings and sliders in addition to the usual tacos and fajitas, so it has a little something extra to offer than your usual Mexican joint, but stays true to the classics at the same time. Be sure to try the homemade churros or dessert nachos before you head out!

09. ink.sack/SACK Sandwiches

If you're wandering around Melrose, you'll eventually stumble upon Sack Sandwiches. They have quite the selection of sandwiches including the famous cold fried chicken sandwich, boasting that it is, "so hot, it's cold." How can you not love it? Vegetarians need not shy away from this sub stop, they have a few veggie options as well!

10. salt & straw 

All right, the last one on the list just has to be a dessert option and it has to be Salt & Straw. They have a reputation for the most delicious waffle cones and interesting, but totally delicious flavors, including vegan options! I recommend trying sea salt with caramel ribbons or avocado and Oaxacan chocolate fudge. 

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